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I am a developer and sysadmin, I have more than 8 years of experience in Java and I love make stuff in Minecraft! >_

My hololive proyects >_

I made some cool stuff for hololive! Make sure you check this out!

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Minecraft >_

I have been developing mods for Minecraft for the past few years, so I have quite a bit of experience with Java as an OOP programming language and game mechanics.

The Towers Remake >_

I've made a custom software that re-creates an old Minecraft adventure combat map with a new modern and funny game-system. It took me 1 month to release a beta for this. Currently, it can handle the following: [Custom Maps, Boss Spawning, Custom Ranking formula, Multi-Lobby support, Custom Ranks and Custom Textures]Some game-screenshots here:

Blockbench >_

I have worked with Blockbench software to create models and textures to be used in some of my custom Mods or Plugins.My current skill here boils down to creating models, articulating them, and painting their textures. I'm still learning to animate these!Some examples here:

Java Code >_

I have several small projects made in Java, each one with its specific functionalities for the objective that my client has asked for.

  • DynPlaceholderAPI (GitHub): A custom module that handles which IP was used to connect to a Minecraft server and translates all kind of text based on the Player's metadata.

  • Translator (GitHub): A Bukkit plugin for dynamic string display using the i18n Internationalization system with a user-friendly API.

  • MAES-Survival (GitHub): A small Bukkit plugin to implement an Inventory Restore module to a vanilla 1.8 Spigot/Bukkit Server, it uses Guice to handle the Dependency Injection stuff.

  • MidnightCore (GitHub): One of my biggest works that I never used. MidnightCore is a custom software that extends the default Minecraft stack and allows the server to create different user-friendly stuff (Scoreboards, Dynamic Proxy server handling, Custom NPCs, Fast and Optimized user data caching and saving using a Rest-API, Custom GUI creation, and more stuff.)

Here, you can see some code snippets of my works. >_

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hololive production >_

holoID Cup 2023 >_

My last work so far! I made a custom public plugin software for the hololive Indonesia Cup 2023! It features some hand-made sports including [Soccer, Badminton, Bentengan, Potato Sack Races & Tug of War game]Currently, I'm re-coding this to make it more user-friendly and efficient.-> I'll add images soon!Public files and download will be available on GitHub
-> Download HoloSports Plugin

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